Thirsty For Penisillin

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Night porch sittin' late one lovely night and overhear this lovely little scene....

Enter Angry Lady 1..... At least I don't own this shitty ass little house!
Enter Angry Dude ...... At least I have a house bitch! Now get your shit and leave!
Angry Lady 1......You and your little bitch can keep it!
Enter Angry Lady 2....... You were cheating on him the whole time and doesn't she owe you money babe?!
Angry Lady 1...... Oh yeah, well you have an STD!
Angry and Triumphant Dude ........ Yeah, that you gave me!
Angry and Triumphant Dude and Strangely Loyal Angry Lady 2 silhouettes embrace in snarky side hug and return home.
Confused and Angry Ex Lady 1 returns to car.

I sit on the back porch now.

Created: Jun 09, 2017


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