The Mundane World of Annabelle Fuoco part II

By AlexaAnn

Annabelle never knew how to react in these situations. She never wanted to be rude yet she was also very reluctant to let anyone share in her "world". Instead of using those precious 120 seconds smiling awkwardly she decided to talk about pixie.
"Do you believe in signs?," she asked her newly emancipated friend.
"Signs? As in 'stop' 'neon'?"
"No, like omens. See this woman came in and she told me my life is bullshit. Then you came in. You confronted the bullshit and lived to tell the tale and chose to tell it to me. Out of all the coffee shop in all the world you walked into mine. It has to be a sign right?"
"I'm not too into that sort of thing but yeah. Maybe," he shrugged. He just wanted her number. He had no interest in the existential rabblings of a twenty-something barista.
She sighed, "yeah, well good to meet you. Afraid I have to get back to the bullshit."
"Right," he said. "Good to meet you." With that stranger two left. Annabelle had a feeling she would be seeing him in the near future. He is unemployed, the unemployed love caffine for some reason.
For the rest of her shift Annabelle thought of Ryan. He emanated this sense of calm, of purpose, of inner peace. It appeared he had gotten it. Reached nirvana. Should she dare emulate his actions and quite her soul crushing job? No. It's pretty much winter which is a terrible time to be homeless.
Frustrated Annabelle ran her fingers through her ordinary brown hair. She can and will never understand what takes some people so long to decided on how they want to caffinate or not caffinate themselves. This 50 something white male, five ten, stocky; was keeping Annabelle five minutes after her shift ended. He finally decided on his first choice (of five, FIVE!) small black coffee. Lovely.
After the hardest "have a good night!" of Annabelle's career she was free. The events of the day kept her amused on her usually short drive home. Today there was traffic. Normally these circumstances would bring forth a ruckus in her dead-tired mind. She was fine with tonight's jam however. She was very content with stewing in her thoughts. Pixie was the first matter of contemplation. She carefully considered her probable origin and intent to no avail. Pixie remains a mystery. Then she thought of Ryan. She considered how he freed himself his daly struggle an act of great courage. She also took into consideration how Ryan can provide the companionship her latest COSMO quiz said she was starved of. Not wanting to tread in those waters just yet she bounced back to freedom. What did that truly mean to her?
Annabelle routinely placed her foot on the break when she noticed she had parked her car and make her way inside. Freedom. That word again. She's become a woman obsessed. Freedom. "What do i want?," she asked herself finding a captive audience in the bathroom mirror.
Staring into the chestnut eyes of the reflection she grabbed her long (just hanging there) hair. The reflection did the same. She found scissors in the vanity drawer and went to town.

all for now (now what?)

The Mundane World of Annabelle Fuoco part II

Created: Jan 23, 2010


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