The sky

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When I fell from the sky

One cold winter night

There was no light around

Total darkness inside and out

People where gathered

Around a golden ox that the worshiped like a god

But I knew that the real god

Was only love

So I grow up

Different than anyone

I started to tell them stories

That no man should be alone

The years passed quickly

Like the water runs form the waterfall

I was still traveling form land to land

Speaking different languages

Telling them love

Put one summer night

A king got anger

With preaching

Now I am in gial

Now I see no light

Tomorrow they will hang me

This si my last goodnight

But no mater what

Always remember that there is a god

Looking down on us

From the skies

He loves us

We must love him back

Created: Jun 09, 2017


Kotsimpos1979 Document Media