Everything is on fire-the reel story

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Once upon a time there was this man. It was a friday night, he was alone in his home, wondering what the F word he was doing because you know, he could be else where, on this beautiful beach with this woman or trekking into this wild forest. but no, he was in this suburbia place, finishing his work at a lame job, preparing to pay his bills and wondering So WHAT NOW. And really, when you think about it, adventure is right around the corner. He saw this documentary the day before about EELS' father PARALLEL PLACES PARaLLEL UNIVERSES and he was taught about this theory that we could be at 2 different places at the same time. That, everytime we make a choice, it opens a new parallel universe. So, he could be sitting at his couch at this very specific moment or if he had decided to go, he could be at this Russian extravaganza party for the birthday of this russian folk song artist. What could have happen over there. He could have find that everybody was talking too loud but it could have been the time of his life. Imagine. He is standing at a table, people are singing in this foreign language he doesn't understant but the light of the candle on the other side of the room lights the face of this girl. She's far away from him it seems but he feels something. Which is weird since he has been feeling numb for a long time now. Anyway, his eyes catches hers. He feels awkward, come on, it is not going to be that cliché to fall for this beautifully lit eyes but still. Everything seems to be on fire. Because, let's be realitistic here, life is complicated and quite dark, we all hear about the power of love but it is for other people, me i am all about commitment and understanding of this material world. But, when i see this look, there is a chemical reaction in me, i am melting, and i don't get it. Is it love, is it what everybody is talking about? When you think about it, when Shakespeare says Life is a stage and we are all playing a role in it. Do you get it? Our goal in life, is it really to take the train early in the morning, work in an open space with people we hardly care about and then go home. Are millions of years of evolution coming to this? i don't know man, i really don't know. But this feeling, about those eyes are making more sense than a lot of things i have been experiencing in my life so, if life is about love, i guess, we need to seek and burn this fire because that is the only way i feel truly alive. Everything is on fire if only we would pay more attention. And then, of course, you could be still sitting on your coach. So , what now !?

Created: Jan 29, 2011


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