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Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s you or him or her or they or us, but I saw the stars tonight, and they told me it was that the darkness inside my yours his hers their our hearts was the only thing keeping them up at night.
They sang to us, to you and me to him and her and them
but we could not understand the words because it wasn’t words, it was light. A light that shone so bright it forced us into hiding.

Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s you or him or her or they or us because we’re different, we are separate but not equal we are the shadows in the night, the fear and the chaos because we are different, because we set the night ablaze with our outlandish love, and way of life.
We who have been hunted, our freedom taken because a government decided to censor our life and love, to say that two men fucking was too much, so they accepted us, gave us nothing to rebel and we bought it.
You and me and him and her and them and us, we all bought the lies that they sold, we rolled in the acceptance in hopes of being normal because that’s what we want.
But we are different, our lives are not the same nor are they equal our love is magic and no love magic can be compared to the love magic of anyone else, not mine not yours, not his, not hers, not theirs not ours.

I, you , he, she, they, we saw the towers crumble today the pillars that were restraining us and though it seemed bad but it was all for the best, the Mormons got more than they bargained for in their proposition made of hate.
They reminded me and you him her them us that we are different, that our love is worth fighting for and that our freedom isn’t free.
Tonight we marched in the streets, not just fags and dykes but breeders and immigrants and republicans and drug addicts and hippies and conservatives.
We took over hollywood and blocked traffic and yelled and screamed and cried and hugged and loved.
I you he she they we remembered what it was to fight to not have something and to want it, to attack those who needed attacking and to cherish every moment we had because what we know may change at any moment.
I, You, He, She, They, We are the furture the ones turning the world and what a world it is. This is the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end because the chaos and hate and fear are all being broken and our life and love is growing. It's all about Me, You, Him, Her, They, us.

Created: Jan 29, 2011


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