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i have this really specific thing where i eat foods of multiples (pretzel sticks, tangerine sections, waffle fries) in size order from smallest to biggest. no idea where it came from; it's just something i do. once, i was eating chips at a table with a group of friends. without even thinking about it, i picked up a chip, deemed it too big to eat, and set it back down. one of my friends asked, "wait. why'd you do that? there was nothing wrong with that chip." it took me a while to register that she was talking to me, and what followed was an awkward ten minutes of me attempting to explain a habit that up until then no one had called me out on and therefore was something i didn't notice i did.

the smell of burning rubber evokes a sense of satisfaction in me. when i was younger, you could often find me in my room rubbing the toe caps of my converse together.

i consume 3-4 sticks of plain celery on a daily basis. (is that a quirk or is it just weird?)

i have absolute pitch, which is a state where one's ears are perfectly tuned, allowing the person to sing in any directed key without the help of a musical reference. the thing with absolute pitch is that it's made me into an absolute snob during choir rehearsals, from calling out every off-key note to flat out clamping my hands over my ears when the song drifts slowly from f to g flat. it has definitely come with its challenges, such as being called "pitch pipe" by my peers from grades 5-6, but it's also come with its privileges, such as singing the starting note to lead choir performances at middle school football games.

my final quirk is that i am a synesthete- specifically, sound-color synesthete. synesthesia is a phenomenon meaning "combining of the senses" (for the etymology people like me: the word comes from the greek roots syn, meaning union, and aesthesis, meaning sensation- essentially meaning that the senses are joined, like in my case, the hearing and the seeing sense). absolute pitch and synesthesia often go hand in hand, but the combination of both traits definitely made me the musical freak of nature in elementary school. i'm not even sure how it got out, but when people discovered i could quote-unquote hear colors, i would often have the experience of random people coming up to me at school, attempting to intone a single wavering pitch, and then inquiring, "what color was that?" today, my colorful hearing isn't as vibrant as it once was, but i remember the times when i could sit, listen to a piece of music, and hear the different hues and patterns- and i know that this is one quirk i wouldn't trade for anything in the world.

Created: Jun 09, 2017

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