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It was early and the mists had not yet lifted as I walked. I wasn’t sure how long I had been walking but I suddenly stopped, realizing that I wasn’t at all sure where I was. Looking across the field, I could barely see through the heavy mist. What I could see had a magical look. Just beyond two small copses of tress there looked to be a small church. I stood under the lamp for some time, just enjoying the mists before deciding to take the next logical step. I had to see that building. As I walked across the field, my feet became wet with dew. It felt good. After all the heat we had had this summer, the cool dew felt refreshing on my sandaled feet. I walked for what seemed to be a very long time, the building that I had thought to be a church, never coming any closer. Finally, I stopped and stood in the middle of the field. Looking about, I saw that the two copses of trees had not seemed to move any closer either. Looking back, the lamp that I had stood under did seem further away. Smiling, I began to walk again. The sun would soon be high in the sky and I didn’t want to let this time pass. I wanted to enjoy the mist. I walked on, imagining fantastical places and far away lands. Glancing at my watch, I realized that I’d walked for over half an hour. Looking up once more, I saw that I was no closer to the building or the trees. I looked back at the lamp. It too seemed to have stayed in the same place as when I had last looked. I was puzzled but not upset. After all, how could one be upset when surrounded by mists that created this kind of beauty? Smiling, I realized the folly of my actions and turned back. Retracing my steps, I returned to my spot underneath the lamp. I stood there for another hour, day dreaming. Hours passed as I stood, peering through the mist and imaging what could be beyond those trees. I realized with a smile these mists would never lift and that I would never know exactly what lay beyond the field. Smiling, I turned and slowly made my way back the way I had come, hoping that tomorrow, I would once again be able to visit this ethereal place where imagination was the only thing I would ever need to tell me what lay across the field in the beautiful mist.

Created: Jun 08, 2017

Tags: story, fiction, mist, beauty, imagination, belief

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