As the dust... Scottivarius remix

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Guess I always have to emulate someone to sing a song. This time it is Eddie Vedder who inspired the melody and the singing.

This great guitar track stood very well on its own. Hope the wording doesn't mask to much of the great picking.

It's a little noisy in the background. Don't know why.

Take a moment to look at Scottivarius' page. He's just started to post some great audios on the site.

The words weren't actually inspired by his title. I put the track in my mp3 player as always and carried it with me for a while. They came up with the melody.

Every women you found

You foud along the same lane

And when they broke their bound

The one word they needed never came

Walking down your only lane

Singing your only song

you wonder why it always rains

On your parade

One outfit in the crowd

One for the loneliest days

And when night comes around

You wonder were there other ways 

Created: Jun 08, 2017

Tags: scottivarius, remix

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