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I like coffee I feel nervous for some reason I'm sitting at a nice white table in the shade we moved the table to the shade I hope the cafe guy doesn't care we moved the table I'm with my sister she is cute and small like me I guess. Where are all my shorts, she just said that Paypal gave her $10 to spend on eBay ohhh what a good day it is today. She just told me to look around at a cute baby and I did and I stopped writing for a sec, does that mean I have to start again? Holy shit that baby was cute. An old man just walked past oh god I don't want to get old I don't want to watch my parents get old I don't want them to die or anyone else to die. It's all good just don't write about that its very depressing. I love this app so much it gets my creative juices flowing I feel so relieved I found it haha I wonder if anyone will read this I have one minute left for writing. I love coffee so much I have my coffee black and very weak and I often pour cold water from my bottle in it, I've never met anyone else who does that but that how I like it. If you have read all the way to the end can you comment how you like your coffee?

Created: Jun 08, 2017


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