Baskful Days Pass

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I really didn't expect to be so *inspired* by seasons change. but it's really quite nice to use for text in collages. So thanks to you, Beezie. And the central picture is just gorgeous. I couldn't wait to use it in something. I'm not really sure how the scribbles in the background are working. It's really the first time I've done scribbles like that. So, feedback on that (and any of my work) would be helpful!

I just thought that I'd add that I make most of my things with GIMP, a freeware image editor. I can use it better than photoshop now and it's a hell of a lot better than photoshop too. Also, all of the images in this "Seasons Change" collection are 1024x768, so you can use them as wallpapers.



Created: Jan 29, 2011


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