Cold Dash to the Shower, or Warm Blanket Tardiness

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When I woke up at 6am this morning, I had a decision to make - jump out of bed, naked, and leave my girlfriend behind, cuddled up in our comforter and still dozing. This is a pretty frequent occurrence - I try to wake up early to face my heinous commute, but it's so hard to roust myself out of bed when it offers so much more than work - a warm, beautiful body to lay next to; more restful sleep; and the easy feeling of putting my head back on the pillow and forgetting about my cares for a while.

It made me realize that I prioritize that stuff more than money - my relationships, my personal health, and lowering my stress levels are more of a priority than my job. My job feels soulless, I can't get interested in it and the only reason I'm still there is a fat paycheck. Today was different though - today was different because I told my boss that I'm quitting in a month. I'm moving down to LA to pursue my passions - acting, voice acting, bringing characters to life and making them powerful and affecting people with my performances. I'm giving up a lot of money for an uncertain future, but it means happiness and fulfillment for me, and even if it doesn't work out, I'll know that I've tried.

Feeling like I'd been freed from a cage, I rolled over, wrapped myself around the love of my life, squeezed her tight and fell back asleep for a sacred hour of rest and contemplation and sleep.

Created: Jun 07, 2017


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