The Zombies are Real!

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I fought zombies all night. Desperate battles. Heartbreaking betrayals. Children I could not save. Lost in a maze of hazmat-suited men promising safety but offering only confinement and testing. It was bleak.

Later, on the morning bus, I raised my head from a light doze to see every single person on the bus in the exact same position: hands holding smartphones slightly raised, heads bowed, enraptured stares at ebooks, games and movies.

I thought to snap a picture of the anomaly using my own smartphone but then stopped in fear that (1) the bus zombies would take notice and attack, or (2) in handling my smartphone I would fall prey to the siren call of Ultimate MahJong.

Created: Jun 07, 2017

Tags: zombies, bus, smartphone addiction, dream, i'm scared!

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