Public Phone Calls

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I've seen many people talking loudly on the phone in public, and usually the louder they are the less they should be having that conversation in front of so many people. 

Here are some scenarios for a public phone call scene:


Facetime on an Airplane

Person facetiming from the middle seat of a packed aisle on an airplane. The other two passengers have to deal with it. Very awkward conversation (break up?)


Sexting on the Subway

A person is trying to sneakily take sexy pictures on a very packed subway to send to their lover.


Sorority Girl talking about a wild night outside of a college lecture hall,

while everyone else is waiting. When she's all done she says, "Ok, love you mom!"

(I've seen this IRL, many times in FSU)

Created: Jun 06, 2017

Tags: pitching, script ideas, concepts

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