No Bomb

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A few years ago, at my brother and sister's middle school, there was the sensation of a "bomb threat." On the stall of the bathroom, someone had written the word "BOMB". Everyone freaked out and evacuated the school. This happened a few times and the local newspaper covered the story. It was a big deal and everyone was scared that some wretched student was actually going to blow up the school

My theory is that there was never any bomb. Rather, some kid who hated school asked for a bathroom pass just to take a walk and wrote the word, possibly thinking "I wish the whole school would blow up so that I wouldn't have to be here." Then, when the school was evacuated and class time was lost, he did it again, just to be out of class. While people shouldn't take chances, the reoccurrence of the word with nothing happening seems to imply an empty threat of a bored vandal. 

Created: Jun 06, 2017

Tags: local news, theory, true story

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