Rainbows End

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Went looking for a rainbow just like the story said

Could not find a glimmer so kissed the frog instead

I must rewrite the tale so that it makes sense

Do not want to reach the end feeling very tense

Went looking for a unicorn just like in my dreams

Nothing there but flowers it isn’t what it seems

The majestic little creature with a powerful allure

Still evades me to this very day but I’ll find it for sure

Went looking for a dragon like in the age old days

Empty was the cave inside just a dusty haze

The fire breathing vision was nowhere to be found

Left alone I wandered around and around

Went looking for the monster the famous one in the Loch

Still waters run so deep all the boat does now is rock

The hidden figure kept well away keeping the mystery

A part of distant folklore lost in history

Went looking for a prince to ride off into the hills

The kind of man who has it all enough to give me chills

The search for him continues just like all the rest

Time to bring my A game and try my very best

Went looking for a gentleman just like in books

A rare and special kind of man with dashing handsome looks

I will know him when I see him because he will stand out

Carrying a rainbow, unicorn, dragon and monster is something to shout about!

Created: Jun 06, 2017


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