Vampires (PED #5)

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Sunlight is a joke.
A cruel joke played on the weakness of others.
A magnifying glass that highlights the ugliness beneath.
There's something sick about a globe of pure, raw heat, light, and energy.
Something that makes me laugh at those who worship it.

I prefer the moon.
Much less of a joke and much more of a companion.
I can easily see that, it appreciates me more.
It doesn't treat me like a coward because it invites me in.
Begs for me to come forward and join the others.
I always accept that invitation.

Blood is a delicacy.
A tasty breath of fresh air, if you will.
Nothing feels better than the plasma on my tongue.
Nothing is sweeter than life force draining away.
I can't hide what I am anymore.
Creatures of the night are the top of the food chain.

I am not the light.
I am the dark.
I am not the living.
I am the undead.
I am not safety.
I am your will to run.
I am not hope.
I am fear.
I am everything you hate and I am everything you love.
I am all that you want and i am all that you need.
I am vampire.

Created: Jun 05, 2017


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