The Goodbye-But-I'm-Not-Over-You Poem

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I am heart-cold, I am a monster

I am too old, for things to ever get better

The history unfolds, as we reach the closure

Not too small kind of a hole, it is just way bigger.


I tried my way, a shot for amend

Well as you say, it doesn’t reciprocate on your end

Should I stay, or should I have went

Together we may, but reality won’t bend.


I hate time, I hate constancy

I hate subways, they hurt my eye to see

I hate you, but you keep coming back to be

I hate possibility, because I want you to be real to me.


A seed it started, a tree it ends

How sadly we departed, how crazy it could have been

You saw me in scarlet, well that was the plan

Something we wanted, yet nothing was ever meant.


Let’s be quiet, let’s be clear

I am so hurt, you are so dear

There is no word, feelings can’t conquer

It may seem absurd, but there’s nothing to fear.


You lead your dream, I lead mine

You won’t hear my scream, and I don’t mind

I smile I beam, still there’s nothing to bind

The light fades in dim, the foreseeable go blind.


I love fireworks, though I can't see

I know you do too, just don't want to admit it to me

Well well my love, as long as you don't see

I'll always be here, at this bench, under the same tree.

Created: Jan 28, 2011


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