Broken Speakers

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My dad ordered speakers online, they were simple but quite expensive. Two days after they came, my brother and I got into a ugh... Kerfufle :) I fell on the sofa. Guess what! The speakers peacefully lay there only to be brutally crushed by my weight. I didn't want to get in trouble so I hid the broken speakers in the cupboard. Unfortunately, my sister wanted to watch a movie and my dad told her to use the speakers. I quickly objected, my dad looked at me suspiciously and asked me if I knew where they were, I replied no, sweating nervously. Two minutes later, my dad found the broken speakers and told me: "you broke it so you said you didn't want to use it." I tried to laugh it off but there were consequences. Oops.... :)

Created: Jun 05, 2017

Tags: story, non-fiction

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