Shadow Consequences?

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I think this collab idea is amazing. I had a thought about the limitations of the shadows and the strict sense of order and heirarchy.
What keeps the shadows as they are? Can they change? What would happen if one shadow stayed in the human world longer than it should? Can a shadow cease to exist? (e.g. Would a Gloam risk forfeiting it's existance to see the sun just once?)
To make a long story longer, my pal Wikipedia and I stumbled upon an entry for "Erebus." "The perceived meaning of Erebus is "darkness"; the first recorded instance of it was "place of darkness between earth and Hades". Hebrew עֶרֶב (ˤerev) 'sunset, evening' is sometimes cited as a source,[1] or alternatively it is attributed to a PIE root *h₁regʷ- 'to be dark',"
I had an idea about a being of consequence - the name Hreg coming from the above excerpt. I imagine it to be a gatekeeper/enforcer type.  with a body composition like a rolling thundercloud (if that makes any sense.)
Just a thought.

Created: Jan 28, 2011


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