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You had me long before I even noticed you

The type who gets what he wants

When I finally looked

I was hooked

I learned what freedom was

as we spread our arms and leapt

from cliffs

airplanes brought us up

to free-fall until we'd hit the ground

no sign of it for now

You were a whirlwind of dreams

In a matter of weeks

With a tongue that was sharp

yet oh so deliciously soft and warm

despite the states of winter

despite the snow and ice


and late nights

long drives

blue eyes

You stripped me bare

and honed 

my bones

to something more your style

dizzy all the while

I am putty in your hands

You broke the lines

that defined


And I left them in pieces

(still to this day)

You're right,

laugh at e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g

Your honesty

was sometimes mean

and maybe not always

that honest

But it was nice to breathe

untainted air

That doesn't smell

like shit

for once

You held the doors

and held my hand

and incessantly scanned

the radio

The sweetest things

Fell from your lips

covered in dirt

Your charm, 

you'd say

I was the sweetest thing

your stomach churned

as if to warn

You're afraid, 

you'd say

For you'll not only break me

but completely destroy

the entirety

of my being

I smiled

and fit perfectly into your arms

I knew I wasn't good enough

But you chose me

Until I saw it change

your face

your eyes

your smile


I guess 

we hit



Created: Jun 05, 2017

Tags: coast, poem, poetry, hooked, relationship, freedom, arms, arm, leapt, cliff, mountains, mountaintops, ice, winter, weather, cold, freeze, airplane, ground, free fall, whirlwind, dream, weeks, quick, tongue, delicious, soft, sharp, sharp tongue, late, late nights, long drives, drive, travel, blue eyes, strip, stripped bare, bones, hone, style, change, change me, dizzy, putty, in your arms, hands, broke, broken, line, lines, define, pieces, laugh, humor, honesty, mean, honest, breathe, bullshit, fresh air, clean air, door, scan, radio, sweet, dirt, charm, warn, fear, afraid, break, destroy, smile, not good enough, choice, dead, deadened, hit the ground

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