The Bar of Tender

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I'm here to remember how to laugh

Don't look at me

                                                                               I love your eyes

A summer of bonfires

and drinks that never dried

                                                                              They're bluer than the sky

Don't say those things

Upon the steps

they're steps

to things

I know



                                                                                And they smile

Another late night

but this time I can't drive


It's you

Pit stop for Tuesday's new releases

we watch movies in your room

           You're warm

           and you cuddle

           and you laugh

           and so do I

          You're sweet

          and so are your dogs

          who hog the bed

          we rarely left 

          after that first time


You'd brush your teeth 

        before you'd kiss me

                  when you'd smoke your cigarettes

You ate radishes 

        like apples

                  and your fish tank was your masterpiece

You'd give me looks

       while you worked

                and I'd soak them up


                           as I'd accidentally drink too much

                                   to drive

                                          and would accidentally end up back in your arms

                                                another night

                                                I didn't know how we'd ever part

                                                with our limbs so intertwined

                                                every single time

                                                the sun would rise

                                               we woke up with smiles

                                               around noon

Your friends said you really felt it

but sucked at handling things like this

you said you're new to relationships

eventually, I said fuck it

but wait...

                         I think I lo-....

                         you stopped answering the phone...

Your desire to see my lips lift

          to taste my bare skin

               to live in these sweaty sheets


                   when she finally changed her mind

But your eyes never were quite as bright

                   and you still watched out for me

                   and so did she...

                   but differently...

I could still feel you feeling me... 

                 as you got everything you ever wanted...

Created: Jun 05, 2017

Tags: poem, poetry, bar, bartender, bar close, drink, drunk, love, relationship, laugh, look, don't look at me, blue eyes, summer, bonfire, sky, steps, regret, sweet, smile, late night, late, night, tuesday, new release, movie, movies, bed, bedroom, warm, cuddle, comfort, laughter, dogs, brush, teeth, brush teeth, cigarettes, smoke, radish, apple, fish tank, masterpiece, looks, work, silent, flirt, arms, intertwined, sunrise, noon, friends, fuck it, phone, desire, lips, bare, skin, die, sheets, change of mind, feel, eyes, watch out, tender

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