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So I was at National Harbor over the weekend and we went to this outlet mall. In the Adidas store, there was this really pretty girl working there. She was so beautiful I couldn't stop staring. I think she noticed because we made eye contact at one point and she smiled at me and omg I almost died. She fricking noticed me. 🙈 So anyway. I really wanted to take a picture of her so I can draw her, but I was too damn shy to go up to her and ask. Even after she smiled at me, it actually made me more shy, lol. She was so pretty. She was mixed race, so she had this gorgeous creamy mocha skin tone and these really cute freckles. Her face was heart-shaped with a slender chin and a long neck. Her lips were naturally pale pink and plump. She wore these cute vintage round gold glasses that framed her pretty hazel eyes. And she wore her afro in these cute huge space buns. Since I didn't get a picture of her, I drew this from memory. It doesn't even do her justice. She was so absolutely beautiful. I want to see her again just so I can ask to take a picture of her. I probably sound like a total creep for remembering that many details about her face. 😅 That was honestly the first time I ever saw someone so beautiful in person it compelled me to want to take a picture of them and then draw them. First time I ever wanted to take a picture of a random stranger.

Created: Jun 05, 2017


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