Eyemun Ch3

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Some years earlier

“Fear is what we use to gain strength.”

“We don’t put hope in anyone because they will let you down.”

“We hold low expectations in humans, So that We can be rewarded when they do incredible things.”

Anita Chin reads the plaques as she walks down the hall. The last one made her smile. She notices a new boy walking in. He is a shy sad boy, pretty much like the rest of the children in this Church. Anita stares at him from the pews in the first row. She notices his bright eyes and how they wiggle. The boy slaps his hands over his face covering his eyes saying, “Not now.” Strange She thinks. She is then interrupted by the Preacher.

Preacher John, “I am glad that we are gathered here today, because today we talk about your Sins.

You are all forgiven for your sins. You don’t know why you have done them.

Your powers are abominable and condemns you to Hell, So I will loosen your lode and take them from you. You will be able to pass into the light and be with God. I will start with the first row. Come children and join me in the prayer room, the rest of you go outside and play.

Before Anita goes into the prayer room she approaches the boy.

Does it hurt when they come out?

Boy, “What … when what comes out?”

Anita, “Your eyes.”

Boy, “What are you talking about, my eyes do not come out.”

Anita, “Um … Sorry, my names Anita what’s yours?”

I’m Ja … Eyemun.

Anita, “That’s a funny name JaEyemun…

Preacher John, “Anita come on child.”

Anita, “I have to go, see you later.”

Anita sees kids go in, but She doesn’t see them come out. She’s next.

I'm strapped in a chair and the only thing I see is the light above me.

I hear voices in the next room.

"Mr. Damen you can start the operation now!"

As I lay here I wish I could go back to the way things used to be. I miss my family.

Damen comes in and opens his kit on a metal table. His tools haven't been sterilized and they sit in some ones dried blood. Damen picks out his drill and plugs it in. He looks at me and says, "This is only a drill!"

He gets closer to my head. The shrilling sound pierces my ears. The lights go out.

Mr. Damen, "Damn! The power went out. We might have to do this another time my dear."

He lets me go, but only to wonder the halls. Hours go by and I am still looking for a way out. Every door that isn't locked leads to rooms without windows and for some strange reason there are birds flying around. Not just a one or two, but a lot of birds. How did they get in. If they can get in than I can get out. I pass by a door that is always locked, but this time it was opened a crack. I peek inside and see kids staring back with blank stares like the light is on but no ones home. I walk past them pushing some away to get through to the other door, but it's locked. I turn around and see Damen through the crack of the other door that I came in. He has a smug look on his face. He blew a whistle and then shut the door. The kids in the room were all staring at me, but this time they seemed focused on me. If I moved to the left they followed. I feel like my life was in a danger.

I also feel that thing that my chin does when I get scared. It wiggled and grew really fast and popped a creepy kid in the face. He fell back knocking three others down. I jumped and my chin hit the ground pushing me higher in the air and I landed in front of the door. I tried to open it but it was locked. My chin was still extended like a staff as I pulled, it shrunk and tripped three more goons. I stood up to face the door and popped my chin out again by the door knob breaking the wood. I reached through the whole and opened the door. I saw another bird and followed it. The goons went the other direction. Some guards came out, but they couldn't get past the goons. I kept running after the birds. There was so many of them and they led me to my freedom.

As I ran I thought of JaEyemun, He has to be like me I will have to come back for him later.

Created: Jun 05, 2017


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