// Lullaby Project - update #4 //

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Heyy everybody!

This is going to be the final week for this project! For this last week I'm asking audio producers & musicians to continue mixing and remixing the contributions together, feel free to be as creative as you like and come up with new ideas!

The deadline for this challenge will be Saturday, June 10th.

Remember to cite your resources & upload your working files!

**Another thing to note is the original file did not have separated stems, so we are doing the "old school" style of remixing where you take the original song how it is and layer the additions on to the mix. You can also use things like EQ, compression, reverb, etc.. to change the sound of the original file, feel free to also ask me questions about mixing & I'll do my best to answer them!

Thanks so much, can't wait to hear what you make!

--Luxi Really

Created: Jun 04, 2017

Tags: lullaby project, lullaby challenge, final mix challenge, mixing challenge, creative remixing, remixing challenge, project update

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