What is it?

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Wondered why I was sent here,

on this planet where everyone lies.

Wondered why the almighty instilled in us the concept of I, me and my.

Many questions locked in my mind and i couldn't even find the key

drifted off in my own thoughts to find someone to talk to

but i will not find solace in aloneness is all I grasp.

Off I sail in unexplored territories to discover this life's meaning,

all the while struck with loneliness still not finding anyone to talk to.

Educated myself, socialized and mingled. Never knowing what to make of all this,

the tiny never-ending voice in my head still stayed a mystery.

Found a woman and my heart pounded, i thought this is something grand.

We loved and loved and suddenly there was me no more, but We!

But we were not meant to be, was it all fake? I hope not

now on our respective paths, though had a good time from there to here

Back to myself and my tiny voice, again I was talking to.

Wait, I had grown in some inexplicable sense as my voice now I could follow.

In my journey towards the unexplored, I had unknowingly made some rules,

though I was still lost and looking for same answers. But

now i heard very feebly the tiny voice say 'I am yours truly only'

I realized that long ago it wasn't the woman i was attracted to,

but my ability and desire to stand by the mistakes I alone make

while I search for truth and the life I create, because it was our

and I chose it to be like that and by that rule I still valiantly stand.

Created: Jun 04, 2017


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