The Suspended Sun

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Clouds obscure my vision
But only for a moment
Before I see you again.
Your silhouette
From behind a tracing paper it seems
Allows me to look at you.
Your light.
Your energy seeps into my skin.
I let it because I want to feel you
Inside me.
Enrich me.
Better me.
Calm me.
Soothe me.
Suspended in 2D is all I can see
But I know the world isn't flat and neither are you.
So far away you are
Yet I can feel you
Unless there is an overcast that comes between us.
But it's all just temporary
Yet constant.
You're always there
No matter what.
What we cannot see
That which is beyond our vision
Are you able to fathom what you are?
Do you have a consciousness?
There is so much more beyond us
Beyond you.
Just beyond.
How far does your light cast?
Only as far as it will go.
That is the vastness of our universe.
It truly is amazing.
This one goes out to you.
Thank you for being there.

Created: Jun 04, 2017


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