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So I'm the youngest one, the tow head (actually ginger), there in the picture sort of hanging on my Mom's shoulder. This would have been in our farmhouse on our tobacco farm in eastern NC. This is apparently me and my next oldest brother getting ready for bed and my Mom reading probably from a book of collected fairy tales or something. My Mom had worked in Raleigh as a magazine editor during WWII, and I got the impression it was crushing for her to get a taste of that, and then be forced back to being a farm wife after the war. She was also a substitute teacher most of her life. She did pass down her love for education and books to me. Our home was always a monthly stop for our county bookmobile. So to have a library parked in our driveway for half a day each month was a very special experience for me. Our home was always full of books, and I was in love with reading even at this young age. . I'd wait by the mail box each day of the month when I knew it was time for my Dr. Seus book-of-the-month club selection to show up. This is from the Mid 60s I would have been 5 at the time. It seems like a sweet scene, but it also seems to me to be just the oddest picture. It's sort of the kinda of scene of domestic homelife I just never remember. I don't really remember us as the kinda of household where our parents read us to bed, or tucked us in. Here my Dad, probably taking the picture, had already had his first heart attack and was just a few years from his final fatal one. My mom soon after would be dealing with years of cancer scares and pass away a few years after that following a disastrous second marriage. I wish I remember this family more, the more innocent, relatively blissful years. My the time I was older my Mom was already sadly, fairly beaten down by life. But it's somehow reassuring that we had actually had some of these moments as a family. As a side note, on the bed is a white plush Casper the Ghost plush toy doll, the kind with the string you'd pull and it would say things. It seems this was my constant companion for years, this or another doll of one sort or another. I can see that probably even at this age my love for dolls among other things was probably already driving my family crazy. 

Created: Jun 04, 2017


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