Thoughs and blood

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Many writers like it at night,

Having sex with sonnets and the rythm

Having differents thoughts, about love and lust.

Personally, I'm more... ecxited! Yes, ecxited about making love.

I love it all, the fluids, the emotions, the smell and sensations.

The mind going crazy, and the body losing it all.

I enjoy the taste of her neck,

And how I keep control in the strengh exert with my sharp fangs.

I enjoy how my body grows stronger,

And my hands explore the skin of my girl,

And how she trembles and yell while my claws get there...

So humid, so stretch, so desireful of me.

And what about doing it under the moon?

It would be the same... but without any control over ourselves.

You´d say I'm the sex addict, but are her eyes commanding me to transform.

I love to make love, to growl in the process, to feel me filling her until the end,

To make her wet and shiver, asking me to keep it fast.

That kind of intensity is just possible under the moon,

Fully transformed, with pure descontrol and completely in love with her.

In that case I´d kill to having her in my arms,

We might be from other worlds,

But hey, making love to her is like travelling to another universe.

Created: Jun 04, 2017


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