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WE the people
REACHED to the ends of the ocean
FOR a chance to set the world in motion
THE place where equality can exist
STARS guiding and inspiring us to resist

WE the Americans aboard that ship
TOUCHED the world with our leadership
THE weak and the hungry with a glimpse of hope
MOON lit journeys to freedom for all that took the stroke

NOW here in this land they reached with such bravery
LOOK at us now all free with our slavery
AT our segregation and suppression
OUR ways of of discrimination and transgression
SCARS and all, we left quite the impression

IT tastes so bitter but smells so sweet to some
WILL the division ever not come
ALL united and one mind
BE all that we can and help lead the blind
GONE from division, prejudice, and lows
SOON one people, all that rose

WE have liberty and justice, intended for all
TOOK away and never granted to the weak and the small
IT belongs to every American with justice and pride
TOO many have had to fall and trip in their stride

FAR from perfect and just missing for all
NOW our people don't have to shortfall
EVEN our weak
THE poor and the meek
IGNORANT and rich
SAY it's time to improve our system of glitch

WITH our ways and our whistles
OUR theories and thistles
FOSSIL ways of the past and the confusion of a modern newscast
FUELS ignorance and lies
AND writes a story our ancestors will despise

CAR pool together and do what you can
WE still have a future and can come up with a plan
ARE we ready to stop and finally make it right
NOW is the time to put up the fight
HAVING the strength to look past what affects you none
TO trust the truth of someone else's daughter or son
PAY attention to your impact and all that you touch
WITH all that we stand for, it is all too clutch
NO one should be left standing behind in the dust
FUNDING should be taxed and handled with trust
OR our streets and mountains will crumble and fall
LAWS should protect and prevent a brawl

WE the people have got to take aim
GOT to be all that we preach, and that we claim
WHAT we do with our liberty and rights are meant to lift and take flight
WE have the right words and foundation for freedom
GAVE to one and to all for a life with a beacon

STAND up for the weak
UP for our words and how we speak
FOR all mankind
THE men that have nothing to give or have nothing in mind
CAUSE we the people have the power
TO rise up and not give into the cower

GIVE more than we personally knew
US is not just you
THE selfishness has to end
SAVE our country and stop the pretend

Created: Jun 03, 2017


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