My Furry Babies

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After seeing everyone's adorable pets, I had to share a photo of my boys. In fact, the only photo I have that proves they like each other... sometimes.. on the rare occasion, you might say.  Okay, they don't really like each other yet, we're still working on it. But this was progress! 


Pico Wheeko Reeceypants- Black and orange with a manly dash of white, almost a year old as of the posting of this photo. Wild, curious,  more intelligent than the average pig.  

And Roger Dodger Reeceypants- Tan, white and mixed brown.  1 and a half years old. A totally average pig. 

Both were rescues and are possibly the most spoiled little piggies in the county.  They don't like the camera at all, but we're working on that too.  ;)

Created: Jun 03, 2017

Tags: pet, guinea pigs, photograph, low-res

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