A Story That's Not About Ice Cream

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I stand in front of the freezer in the cold grocery store aisle. A song that is fourteen years old plays softly in my ear. An elderly woman pushes a cart of frozen vegetables. A woman with two crying twins tells them they cannot have a box of rainbow popsicles. The frost on the glass clouds my sight and makes the flavors difficult to see. It doesn't matter. I already know what's inside. There are three I might choose, each comes in a gallon container so only one will be coming home with me. Everyone is waiting for me to get home, so I have to decide quick. I wasn't told exactly what to get, only not to get a boring flavor. Get something fun.

On the left, the only one I've had before. It's a coffee ice cream with chocolate and cookie dough and fudge and brownies and bits of waffle cone. I know I love that one, but what about everyone else? How do I know they will? In the center, there is a chocolate based ice cream with marshmallow swirl with chocolate covered graham crackers mixed in. This will make everyone else happy for sure, but it's not amazing sounding to me. It is still something I'd like to try. What if it is really the perfect ice cream but there's no way to find out without missing out on the one I know is delicious? Then there's the one on the right. It is a raspberry ice cream with chocolate fudge and a blueberry swirl. I know if that one is good, it will be amazing, but if it's not good, it will induce vomiting. I know some people at the party will love it and others won't touch it. I know if I don't get it, I'll never know because it will only be sold for a limited time.

This is the same issue I have with the other two. The left is my favorite, and if I don't get it now I will likely never have it again. Then the center. What if I were to try it and it is better than the left to me? What if it becomes my new favorite flavor ever? What if I hate it and miss out on trying the one on the right? The buzz of the freezer vibrates my hand when I touch the handle. What if I get the right and hate it and miss out on trying the one in the center? A gust of artic wind sends a battalion of frosty soldiers to my face. What if both are delicious and I get the one on the left because I am used to it? What if everyone at the party hates the one on the left and I regret choosing it? Fog hurries out the door into the heat of the aisle. Or the one in the center? I pick a frosty mountain off a container. Or the one on the right? But I have to choose now, they are waiting for me.

Why did I have to be the one to decide? Deciding for other people: it's not something I do well. But I do. I make my choice and say goodbye to the other three forever.

The drive home is a question which I'll have to wait to find out. "Did I make the right choice?"

Created: Jun 02, 2017


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