Photographical Surplus

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It has always bothered me to see the massive amounts of photos some people post on their social media. Each photo a slight variation from the last. Selfie after ego-stroking, validation seeking, boring selfie.

It used to be that you would sit on the couch, a heavy volume in your lap, often with another person, and crack open the album to get a peek into someone's memories. You would see the events of their life unfold, each after the other, and know that these were the times in their life they felt important enough to capture on film. With the limitations of film preventing the photographer from being careless with the shutter release, you could see the care that went into choosing the capture.

The digital camera changed all this having memory cards that can store literally hundreds of photos.

Talk is cheap, and a picture is worth a thousand words.

Created: Jun 02, 2017

Tags: prose, photoagraphy, ranting and raving, back in the day, selfie, self absorbed

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