"I Voted Trump!"

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"Morning" forcibly smiled the barista knowing this guy's an asshole.

"How can I help you?"

He peers at her, sneering. "I wanna speak to the manager."

"Um? O.k." She replies looking around for Scott (the 21 year old son of the owner aka 'the manager').

Seeing him wiping off a table she shouts "Scott, can you come here please? This customer wants to speak to you."

Scott, looks up and back seeing the situation.

He knows about this guy and clears his throat approaching them.

He wipes off his hands on his apron and offers to shake hands with the man.

The man looks at Scott with disgust and folds his arms.

"I would like to have a word with you in private."

"May I ask what this concerns?" Scott asked.

"This 'woman'." The man nods towards the barista in apparent disapproval.

"Sure? Follow me."

They walk into Scott's father's office and the man shuts the door behind them.

Scott notices that and is mentally preparing for a possible assault.

"Please sit." Scott asks.

The man obliges and sits.

He's old, probably in his late 50's, Caucasian, smells a little bit like a dirty diaper (which Scott is quickly realizing is possible).

"May I be frank?" The man asks sarcastically politely.

"Sure?" Scott responds.

"How are you gonna let some dirty (the man goes into a tirade of racial slurs and anti-feminine terms) stand front counter serving 'the public' with her dirty hands?"

Half-stunned and immediately angered, Scott replies "I'm gonna have to stop you right there sir..."

But before Scott could finish his sentence of authority the man cuts him off and continues "And I know you're a (the man gets anti-Semite) and your Father probably came to this country after the war and plagued us with your (furthering his anti-semantic speech).

Scott slams his hand on the table.

"That is Enough! I will Not have anyone disrespect me or my co-workers like this!

You have 10 seconds to leave immediately or I'm calling the police!"

The man begins swearing even more vile and is unwavering in his verbal assault.

Scott says to himself out loud "Fuck this." So bad wishing he could lay hands on the old man despite his age and dials 911.

The police answer and Scott explains the situation to the operator. She tells him some patrolmen are close by and on their way.

"You think I give a fuck if you call the pigs?" The man grins evilly. "I voted Trump."

Scott leaves the room with the man in it.

Trying to quarantine the human virus from the rest of the establishment.

Everyone in the shop is staring.

The *ding* from the doors chime as the police enter in a pair of two 6'6 men in uniform; bulletproof vests, walkie-talkie and guns.

Scott immediately approaches them and explains the situation in full detail.

One officer keeps tending to the walkie-talkie while the other takes notes listening.

They assure Scott they'll handle it.

As they approach the man he starts swearing at 'them', inferring they are all 'dirty' and work for the liberals.

The officers despite their best efforts to politely ask the man to stand and exit are now forced to lay hands on the man to bring him in.

The man screams "Police Brutality! Police Brutality!"

People are taping with their phones.

He spits at the audience in hatred and kicks his legs knocking things over as the officers drag him out.

Some of the crowd applauds as the man is taken outside, some were too stunned by 1 man's blind hatred to respond at all.

In the locked backseat of the squad car, the man cusses out the black and white officers calling one the n word and the other a cuck.

"You can't do shit to me!" He jaunts. "I voted Trump!"

In 'the drunk tank', after being finger printed and processed the man makes eye contact with another male.

"The fuck you looking at?" He snarls at the fellow jailbird and the man looks the other way trying to ignore him.

"That's right you little bitch, look away. You don't want any of this."

The fellow jailbird laughs at the man's ridiculousness and stares at the floor.

The man continues "I bet your mother ..."

And as the man continued, the fellow jailbird begins to stop hearing the man's terrible slanders. This jailbirds mother passed away 1 week ago from breast cancer. Having been raised in a single parent environment, and totally crushed by her demise the jailbird stood up and approached the man thinking to himself he has nothing left to loose.

"Whatcha gonna do punk? I'll sue. I voted Trump."

The jailbird with one kick to the seated man's mouth knocked him out cold.

He walked casually over to his former spot and sat down.

The guards see this on the camera and rush to attend to the unconscious man.

They put him on a gurney and roll him to the hospital.

Handcuffed to the gurney.

The man wakes seeing an Indian doctor tending to him.

"Get your (he goes into an anti-Islamic profanity speech) before I sue. I voted Trump!"

The Dr. ignores him and continues to take his vitals.

Time passes and the man is taken by police escort to court for his first procedural hearing.

Before the first opening statements can begin, the man starts hissing slanders at the female judge saying "I want a new judge, one that isn't on her period! I voted Trump!"

Appalled, but not surprised, the judge offers the man an opportunity to apologize before the proceedings continue.

"Fuck you ya fuckin' whore." The man cries out "I'm protected. I voted Trump."

The judge slams the man with;

-Harassment (to the barista)

-Destruction of public property (for kicking things over at the shop)

-2 Counts of Assaulting a Police Officer

-2 Counts of Obstructing Justice

-Public Mischief

The list seemed unending.

Due to the severity of the charges (and it not being his first offense) the man was put into a Federal prison.

The man's cellmate was unamused with his new mate as the man started to sass him saying "You better not be a homo."

"I'm not." The mate replied. Undoing his pant strings pulling out his cock.

The man, eyes wide starts yelling "You said you're not gay?! What do you think you're doing?! I voted Trump!"

The mate said "Exactly."

The end.


Created: Jun 02, 2017


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