When it was over.

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I followed you after to make sure you would make it to your sisters house but you eventually saw my car and busted a u turn to lose me which you had me for a sec but luckily the next light had a green and I busted a u turn really quick as well and caught up
I followed you until you turned right into your lane where you live
So I went the long way in hopes you woudnt see me but as I passed your house you weren't there
So I headed to my grandmas which is down the street and you passed me by again but going towards your house

So I continued on to my grandmas in hopes that in the time i spent there you would lead yourself back to your house instead of avoiding me

So after picking my things up and killing time
I drove the long way around your house and realized you were in the drive way sitting in your car

So I parked by the house where the American flag is standing outside and just waited for you to get out of the car

You got out at around 10:58

It's 11:15 and I hope you are in bed trying to sleep

I'm sorry you are so heart broken once again but this goes to show I'm not the one for you and you are meant to be with someone far greater

I'm worried you'll harm yourself and do something you'll regret
Yes it's selfish of me but also I don't want the world to miss out on your brilliance
Your smile and your shine

You have so much to offer this world besides being my girlfriend

But I suppose this is the love everyone speaks about

I wish you were right because every time you told me that

"I wish you loved me the way I loved you"

It broke me a little inside
It made me realize how deeply lost i am in this depression and sadness

So lost that I couldn't even love you when you needed it the most and coudnt love you enough to tell you stay when you left

You might be broken hearted once again and it's all my fault

I'll regret this one for the rest of my life because I know you deserve better than me.
It might not feel like it right now but you'll soon realize that you were better of with out me.

Created: Jun 02, 2017


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