writers frustation

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this is for the short film A writers frustration. ive already paired parts of this character together to make it easier for other artists out there to animate this if they want to.  i cant wait to see what other people can do with this. im cool with anyone wanting to make changes to this. adding stuffing to this would be look alot more cooler. i know there are good animators out there who know how to make the mouth function better than i am cause im not that good at it.

Created: Jun 02, 2017

Tags: high-res, drawing, sketch, color, digital, challenge, human, angry, fix it, remix?, photo reference, advanced development, hitrecord2017, animation?, assist in animation, style, girl, mad, attitude, female, pattern, emotion, frustrated, test, exam, pass, fail, grade, score, 100, painting, student, form, ai file, upload, uploaded, ink, lines, opacity, ready to edit!, ready for remix, talemt, dedicated, face espression, paper, pencil, layers attached, layers for animation, layers of paint, layers of skin, shapes and sizes, basic, short film, a writer's frustration, participation, participate, participating, colorful art, animation, add something, combine, mixed media, anxious, mood, unhappy, crazy, please remix this, please animate, love it, sketch reference, film, animate?, animated, cartoon, june, 2d, collab, process

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