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Oh, so you hate me do you, you dirty useless prick. You can go to hell with all of tour family and friends. You all owe me. You must respect me. I am the most prescious here. If there is a little piece of bread left and there are a baby, a child, a girl, a woman and an elderly I should be the one who gets that piece of bread by all means. I get all the best and I'll make you all realise that. I'll wake you up if you go too deep into any illusions about independence from me. You are ugly whoever you are. I am beautiful however I look. You should bring me any extra you have left in your pocket by the end of day. Any extra food is mine unless I choose to share. Such as yesterday with those ripe red apples. 

So be good and listen to me and obey me and I will make your life controlled and comfortable.

Created: Jun 02, 2017


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