My only Wish (General Remix) *Pikabu Verse*

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I added Pikabu's verse! This is a general remix! Nothing final here! Let's keep pushing this forward! Still waiting for those live violins! haha (Below is a general structure)


My one wish, it's right there in your eyes

Gonna stick you to the truth, slip away from the lies


My one wish! Is when I wake you up, shake you up

Your mind will detox to think outside the box


My one wish, to pick you up from the start

Hold you with me 'til the very last beat of my heart


My one wish! Is to point you in the right direction

Peace is the duration, and love is the creation

StarW Lyrics

Life is disorder, till the 4th quarter

Life and death in a conference giving orders

I've been alone, in a world full of strangers

Trying to be my friends but they've all proven dangerous

I've been naïve, for most of my life.

I've been caught sleeping, I've been mostly dreaming

And I am a warrior beyond just a fighter

If I had a wish like the sun I'd be brighter

Or like a dragon I wish for more fire

To spit it out raw so these thoughts could retire

I am a king, I know what I'm worth!

No one can drag my name into the earth!

And it's all demolition, from here on decisions

Can not be made lightly, there's no other like me

And if I make bad choices it's ok back steps

Mean a giant set up for a running start!


(Singer goes Here)

Pikabu Verse

Life, it can feel like a highway

Highly debatable which really is the right way

I never dreamed there'd be one day

I'd have two kids who would need to find their own way

It's like a slap on the face

to suddenly find myself caught in the middle of a rat race

Last place, is only left for the dead

I need to steer my thoughts clear to the good in my head

In the off chance, the off-ramp seems plausible

I hold tight before I hit the impossible

Return to the path that was supposed to be mine

I won't lose this opportunity to see you both shine

Avoid those traps that will slow my health

Gotta be mindful and remember just to pace myself

In the left lane, when I want to pass national, rational

Right lane, international


My one wish! For you open your eyes

And to never let this world take you in by surprise


My one wish, to see you through these days

Better to watch you learn to run than be one to graze


My one wish! Is when it rains on you

Don't invite the clouds to take away what you do!


My one wish, you feel the love on this track

I wanna live long enough to see you love me back

(Outro or Chorus again)


Created: Jun 02, 2017

Tags: rap collab, rap, hip hop, remix, isolated audio, request

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