Orange Prick

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"Its gonna be big! Its gonna be great!"

Really Trumpy boy hows that working out

First you spread lies about our president

Then you fire chiefs of staff

Russia now knows our secrets

The FBI needs a new boss

I really hate your fucking policies

Your a prick who forces his small d*ck on every passing women

You ridiculous cheeto

I really hate your f***ing face

Please don't cut funds towards travel to space

Your reaction to Korea isn't helping anybody

And don't you dare build a wall blocking Mexico

Because I fear it won't keep them out

It will just keep us in

Not every Muslim person is a terrorist

And not all brown people are evil

You racist lump of clay

I hope you get impeached soon

But your vice president is just as scary

Well shit there goes the "Land Of The Free" and "Home Of The Brave"

Because right now all I see is Imprisonment and FearĀ 

Created: Jun 01, 2017


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