Salmonella: Fact or Fiction

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Have you ever raided the mixing bowl and shoved a gob of chocolate chip cookie dough into your mouth as your grandmother shouts the warnings of salmonella poisoning? Or maybe licked clean the beaters after your mom finishes mixing the cake batter for your brother's birthday cake? 

Have you ever noticed how much better the cookie dough or cake batter tastes than the final, baked product? And... you've never gotten salmonella poisoning. 

That is because the "Samonella Scare" is a tactic created by home appliance companies to sell more ovens. Think about it: who would actually bake cookies and cakes when the pre-baked element is so much tastier, unless there was a health concern? 

Yet, eating raw eggs is not a rare notion, but apparently they become dangerous when mixed with sugar, flour, chocolate chips, and other ingredients. 

What else is an oven really used for besides cookies and cakes? Okay, an occassional casserole, but who really eats those anyway? 

Salmonella poisoning is simply a gimmick, nay, propaganda spun by the corporations to sell more ovens. 

Where is this supposedly dangerous "Salmonella" I was taught to fear as a child? It doesn't exist. I have been liberated by this discovery and have enjoyed a great many tastings of raw cookie dough and cake better. 

I spit on the oven industry and its lies! 

Created: Jun 01, 2017

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