Single Pop

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Dear Dad,

Everyone loved you. You were the mayor of Wonder Bread for christssake! Still hear your voice in my head when you would try to get deals from people at the swap meet or wherever, "I'm a single pop with two kids...". You raised me and my little brother all on your own, working two jobs with no complaints.  You were an adventurer. Those back alleys in Tijuana where you would buy us ninja stars and switch blades  all produced great memories. Camping trips and long drives all up and down the coast of California. You were so much fun. I want you to know that I always knew how hard you worked and how much you loved us. You set such a high standard of parenting that I can only aspire for with my own kids. My kids would have have loved you, too. Since I can't physically be with you on Father's Day, I'll have a beer for you. I love you, Dad! 

Created: Jun 01, 2017


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