I love you, but you owe me a Barbie House

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Dear dad,

Hope you're okay. My boyfirends dad passed away tonight. He started to remember the good things they had together. All those soccer games, birthdays, all of the holidays they spent together as a family. He's very sad you know. And so am I. 

Dad, I hope you're happy with where I am. I'm sorry I yelled at you when I was younger. I didn't mean any of it... kind of. I'm still not over the fact that  you didn't  get me a Barbie House for my birthday. But that's okay, I'm an adult now, I can buy my own.  But I really do love you and I am glad that I can call you my dad and that I can still play cards with you whenever I'm home.

I miss you!

- Tea

Created: Jun 01, 2017


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