That Girl

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Do I remind you of someone, 

did she kiss you goodbye 

it's funny how people will 

come up to me and tell me 

 i look awkwardly peaceful

to almost need to reinvent 

themselves from a girl 

reminiscent. Her name was 

who knows, and he was 

 in love with her, I pissed

him off forever, the friend

of my lover , he was yet  a 

glimpse into what could be, 

but really no needs were met really.

Romances can go out the window 

as far as i know , or don't know 

anything worth smiling about,

but yet hopeful and not in too much doubt.

We all need someone to understand our 

complicated self and if it takes a lifetime of 

figuring it out, even if it's later in heaven, no doubt. 

I have someone in mind, of course all the idols,

what i wish,  singing a high pitch note dreary.

Created: May 31, 2017


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