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This idea really struck me, so I thought I'd add something, but as I was looking through my folders I realized just how many of them were posed, how many were false, how many really didn't consist of a memory at all.

Then just when I was getting too annoyed to look any further I found this one.

Even at sixteen I was always a big kid, I couldnt stay and talk with the 'adults' because I always felt like I was missing out with the kids. July 4th 2008 was no different! I had to join in on the fun with my 8 year old cousin Natalie, and 4 year old cousin Nathan. Soon enough, running, and chasing turned to hugging, and sticking, as you see here, four kids are grabbing my legs, well, it started with two who were related to me, and ended with two more who thought it just looked too fun to pass up, hanging on the legs of a giant teenager who didn't look grumpy. So, tired from a long day of playing, I smiled and laughed and drug my feet across the grass, the kids giggled around me, and it was my only motivation not to collapse! My aunt saw us approaching my family's little 'tented' area, and ran toward us with a camera laughing, and made us all stop to take a picture. This is it. Every time I look at it I smile, my cousins are growing up, and away from me. Soon they won't even want to admit they're related to me, I treasure this picture because of the happy memory attached to it.


Created: Jan 28, 2011


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