Fearless Girl v Pissing Pug

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The plot thickens....

It appears that another artist, Alex Gardega, placed a 'pissing pug' or 'sketchy dog' statue beside the Fearless Girl, in fact it looks like it was peeing on her. It was only there for 3 hours before the artist took it away. 

He's quoted as saying that Fearless Girl "... has nothing to do with feminism, and it is disrespect to the artist that made the bull ... That bull had integrity.

I think the response to this is really interesting. People are getting very annoyed by this, claiming that the artist is 'anti-feminist'. 

But I can't help wonder if it's okay to have Fearless Girl, why is not okay for another artist to add to her? 



Created: May 31, 2017

Tags: fearless girl & the bull, the hot button

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