Eyemun Ch2 The Preacher

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I drifted around from place to place. Stealing food from restaurant trash cans.

I used this curse to scare off people that wanted to hurt me. They never saw it coming.

“No Eyemun!” The flash of light that swrilled in my mind when my eyes left the sockets left me at peace through the blood curdling screams from pricks that dared lay a hand on me.

When I regained sight it was almost as if I was being protected from the sight of their bodies being blown up in front of me. Nothing was left except for smoke and a bad odder that filled my nostrils. I threw up my half eaten dinner.

I wondered to the Church that I blew whole in and walked inside. I over heard the Preacher saying that it must of been a real bad storm. I wasn't blamed for this, but I still felt bad. I wanted to do something, So I joined the church.

I didn’t want anyone to know anything about me and was quiet most of my time there.

They probably thought I was mute. I didn’t use my powers for some years while I was there until Bobby the bully pushed me for the last time. “No Eyemun.” Came out of my mouth. It was the first time he heard me speak and the last time. Smoked filled shoes a familure image that I would always see. I didn’t lose my lunch this time. The Preacher was the only witness to this event and I ran, but he caught me. He locked me up in the basement.

I stayed in the basement with a strap of metal wrapped round my eyes, so that I couldn’t use my curse to blow the walls.

He finally spoke to me.

Hello Son, I know now why your name is Eyemun and I want to help you.


Bobby, “Hey it’s that little baby ... Oh, I guess the baby can’t speak. Poor little baby did you loose your parents ... that’s why we’re here so suck it up you little baby.”

Everyday I excepted this torment from that fat shit. Excepted ...tolerated, held in every bit of anger. It built up inside until one day I had to let it out.

Bobby, “There’s the lil baby ...

“No Eyemun!” Smoked filled shoes were the only thing left.

I woke up to the Preachers screeching shrill of a voice. It wasn’t soothing it was a tad better than nails on a chalk board.

Preacher, “Listen very carefully … I am not concerned with Bobby. He was a little fat prick and I am glad he’s dead. You should have seen the look on his face when I made his parents disappear. So many tears. I am going to take the metal mask off of you now and it would be wise not to say your little phrase.”

I hear the sound of duck tape being pulled and attached to my lips. I spit my tounge out to wet it so that it won’t stick to tight.

“The tape is just a precaution, “The Preacher grinned at me with sharp grey teeth. One of his eyes was looking in a different direction I didn’t know which one to face.

He has mistaken me as a scared child, but I know now who He really is. He is the demon that killed my parents.

The Preacher stares at me with his good eye and than the lazy eye turns to face me. I see an image inside of his lazy eye. It’s me … in my room playing with my airplane before my Parents put me to bed. I screamed that night and my eyes came out. I saw my Mother and Father blow up with my eyes.

I scream through the tape “Stop, stop.” It comes out muffled.

The Preacher, “You killed your Parents not me. Go on speak in your mind, I can hear you … you scared little child.”

Eyemun, “I saw the demon, it was there and it killed my Parents. You are the demon, you have the same voice and teeth.

Preacher, “ I was there like I was here when you killed Bobby.”

Eyemun, “You are a liar. My Dad told me that Lawyers, and Preachers are liars. I can see right through you. Show your true self.”

The Preacher gets up and his head cocks to the left and he twitches. Razors come out of his back and he grows to about eight feet tall. Talons grow out of his feet and hands. He starts screeching and the mirrors and windows break.

Preacher speaks in his shrill voice, “There you have it ... is the brat satisfied. You have your demon. I didn’t kill your Parents, but I am bored with you.”

Eyemun, “You are forgetting something … Even though I have tape on my mouth and you are reading my mind I can still think the last thing that you will ever hear … NO EYEMUN!!

In a puff of smoke the demon was smoldering on the ground and I was free. The demon wiggled and belted “Tisk, tisk. You will never know … you will never know. 

 He, he.”

I looked into his lazy eye and saw my Parents hugging, My Dad was off to his car. I see palm trees in the distance. The Holly Wood sign in the background. The demons eye went grey and looked off to the side. The Preacher now lays in the pool of demon blood. I was off and running again. This time to Holly Wood.


door opens in the church and foot steps break the glass as they step forward.

“Brother, I have returned!” A voice echo’s the hall.

The Preachers hand appears in the bottom of the basement steps.

“Brother!” The shadow figure lurches over the Preacher.

“No, Brother!” He takes out the Preachers lazy eye and eats it. The last memory plays back in his mouth through the blood stream. He sees everything even the vision his Brother showed Eyemun.

“He will pay for this Brother, but first I must eat. You would do the same thing for me. Can’t let all this good source of energy go to waste.”

Created: May 31, 2017

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