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In the beginning before the spirits awoke, all was flat and everywhere was dark. When the spirits did arise, the darkness remained but the land itself changed.

Each spirit left its mark as they emerged from under the surface. Whilst some left trenches others raised mountains.

The spirits first steps would be sheepish and clumsy, that is until the sun spirit arose and bought with it the light. With its light came the need for shape.

Some spirits chose to remain steadfast and spread their leaves, whilst others chose fur, feathers or scales. With shape came the need for names and so the world was introduced to the Ant, Grasshopper, Emu, Eagle, Crow, Parrot, Wallaby, Kangaroo, Lizard, Snake, and all the food plants.

With names and shape came the spirit of jealousy. First it took shape in the form of the Crow.

"Oh how unfair it is that the plants need not move or forage for their food. They stare at the sun spirit and laugh at me," the crow spirit declared before all the other spirits.

"Then change your shape..." declared the other spirits. And so the jealousy spirit did.

"I could take a form like the kangaroo or the wallaby but then i would be unable to fly," the jealousy spirit declared as it pondered.

"I could take a form like the eucalyptus or the iron bark but then i would need to remain in one spot," the jealousy spirit continued.

"I could..." began the jealousy spirit.

"Perhaps you should think on this in private and return to us once you have come up with your new shape?" Said the spirit of wisdom as it flapped its wings.

And so the jealousy spirit flew onto a nearby mountain and pondered its new shape. Time went by as more spirits emerged and more shapes were taken.

"I have it!" Screamed the jealousy spirit as the other spirits gathered in curiosity.

"Well what is it?" Said the Ant spirit as it desperately wished to get back to its work.

"I shall be like the sun spirit and you shall call me the moon!" Declared the jealousy spirit as it transformed into its new shape and flew high into the sky.

"My light will shine just like the sun spirit and all the plant spirits shall thank me, for i will make you stronger," the jealousy spirit said as it rotated in the sky.

And so the sun and the moon shone their light and at first all was fine, but after a few days the spirits could not help but raise complaints.

"Moon spirit i beg of you, please change your shape. The light is too much for my leaves," said the giant red gum spirit.

"Why should I change my shape? Surely the sun spirit can change his?" Said the jealousy spirit in defiance.

"Please moon spirit, your presence has bought with it the disruption of the seas," said the dugong spirit from the shallows of a nearby bay.

"Perhaps it is you that is disrupting the seas? After all it is you that is swimming within them," said the jealousy spirit.

And so the complaints continued until all decided that it should go to a vote as to who should change shape, the sun spirit or the jealousy spirit.

It was the most ancient of the spirit that would unveil the result and declare that the jealousy spirit would need to change shape.

Graciously the sun spirit stepped in and said that neither would need to change, instead they could share. The sun spirit would shine for half a day and then the moon spirit could shine for the other half of the day.

Disheartened and downtrodden, the jealousy spirit agreed as it dared not change its shape for a third time. Offended by the others favouritism for the sun spirit, the jealousy spirit never shone as bright as the sun. Instead it chose to play tricks on the other spirits as it repeatedly changed its shape or did not show up at all.

This behaviour brought with it conflict as those spirits that had voted for the moon spirit faced off against the spirits that voted for the sun spirit.

The battles reshaped the land until eventually a treaty was agreed upon. The sun spirit followers would stick to the day and sleep by night, whilst the moons followers would sleep through the day and take to the night.

And so this went on for millennia that is until the ancient one fell ill and introduced man.

Created: May 30, 2017


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