As We Hide

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Because we were made of love

and love is what we stand for.

that glitter in your eye

that curve of your shoulder

your heart beating on my chest

I feel it.

do you feel that?

I steal a kiss, but it feels like I own it.

I hold your hand, but you brush it off.

I grab your waist and hug you to me,

but you say 'not here.'

Once we are safely


its all okay

and its all free.

Once we are safely 


you can see


Ill let you see my scars, and Ill let you kiss it all away.

until then, until we get behind closed doors...

dont hold me

dont kiss me

dont let them see

theyll hurt you, theyll hurt me

dont let them see.

I know we are trapped, but we'll make it through somehow

I know we are suffocating in a world that hates us right now

but one day, one day there will be hope.

one day we will take our rightful place

in love

in love


I braid your hair and you braid mine, I use your lipstick and you share it

with a simple kiss.

we smile, though we hide.


Created: Jan 27, 2011


KellieDanielle Document Media