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I want to do something

Something that might change everything

I want to be that guy who, who will do something for his everything.

I want to be a lyricist. A rapper. 

But what should I do?

I can write, yes. Beats? I  can't. And I know no one who could help me with that.

That is the very reason why I'm stuck. 

Here in a chair. Sitting in the dark.

Few lights to lighten up my sight.

Used pens and year old notebooks.

Waiting is not the answer.

Maybe I should ask a question.

A question whose answer will break or make who I am.

Do I have what it takes to be a lyricist?

To be known across the world.

Performing on stadiums and raising the bar.

Do I have what it takes?

Or I'll be here forever even if I do whatever it takes?

I just want to share the ideas and feelings that I haven't shown.

Maybe I'm just destined, destined to be the unknown.

Created: May 30, 2017


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