Out of Mouths of Kids!!

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[I overheard this conversation between a mother and her son who looked to be around 3 to 4 years old while on the subway last week] 

Little Boy [speaking loudly]:  That man touched my penis!!!!  (at this point everyone whipped their heads around in concern giving side glances to one another)

Mother[ horrified speaking in a frantic, hushed tone] :  Honey, that man was a doctor and he was just checking your rash.  Remember what Mommy said, it's alright for doctors to examine you there.  No one else should touch you there, but when we are visiting the doctors office it's safe.  

***You can tell the little boy is lost in thought for a minute***

Little Boy (in a sing song type voice):  Mommy you're in trouble!!!

Mother [confused] :  Why honey?

Little Boy [ in an accusatory tone]:  Because you're not a doctor, you're a teacher, and I saw you examining Daddy's penis last night!!!!

***It took all my will power not to spit my coffee across the subway car.  The mother made a quick exit at the next stop all while her son was screaming this is not our stop.

Created: May 29, 2017

Tags: script, dialogue, satire, non-fiction, kids, mouths of kids, subway

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