Writing A Short Film Script On HitRECord

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There is obviously no one right way to write a Short Film Script, either on HitRECord or anywhere else. These are guidelines I try to use when I write a script and hopefully they may be of some use to others. Really interested to hear how others feels a successful short HitRECord script could be written <3

1. Have A Strong, Simple Premise

2. Keep To The Premise

3. Keep The Story Moving Forward

WIFE: What I want to know is why, when I left the house, our beautiful child was unblemished and one hour later, after doing the weekly shop, I return to find he has a giant bump on his head!
HUSBAND: Well, it certainly wasn't that I was paying more attention to the football game than the welfare of our precious pride and joy.

WIFE enters the house struggling with several bags of grocery and sees HUSBAND trying to comfort their WAILING TODDLER, holding a bag of frozen peas to the Toddler's forehead.
WIFE: What the hell happened?
HUSBAND throws the TODDLER into the air with one eye on the football match.
HUSBAND cheers as his team scores a touchdown.
THUD! The TODDLER screams.
HUSBAND: (to Wife) He fell over outside.

4. Use Correct Scriptwriting Format

Created: May 29, 2017

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